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Sorry! Too busy to be romantic and polite?


Etiquette 101– Learning the Romantic Ropes


Emily Post was responsible for more people learning about finger bowls and thank you notes that any other single person.

Once upon a time, courtesy and good manners were held in high esteem. Some say Americans, particular, are particularly lax and perhaps uneducated when it comes to etiquette.

In this day and age of dating, what is expected of a lady and a gentleman?

Sometimes all you need is a quick, jaunt through:

The Cliff Notes of Courtesy:

Ladies and gentlemen still write thank you notes on paper. Gentlemen walk on the outside. A gentleman stands as a lady approaches the table. Ladies and gentlemen cover their mouths when they sneeze or yawn. Neither chews gum or smoke cigarettes in public.

A gentleman holds a coat for a woman to slip into and holds doors open for her.

A lady offers to pay her way. A gentleman refuses the gracious offer twice, then accepts, casually.

A lady never kisses and tells however, has been known to ‘infer’.

A gentleman who says he will call, does. A lady never pulls a ‘Glenn Close’ and stalks a date. A gentleman who reconsiders the whole getting-to- know- you- process after six dates has the spine to call (even meet face to face) said ‘object of affection’ and advise of his change of heart.

A lady graciously (perhaps tearfully) accepts and is impressed and grateful for gentleman’s courtesy.

A lady does the same considerate gesture when deciding to cease and desist after approximately four to six dates.

Both a gentleman and a lady demonstrate the maturity and objectivity to end a dead-end relationship and move on.

Please and thank you are integral parts of their vocabulary.

“When a couple is ‘Not a Match’, two magic words, “Check, Please”  can solve the problem.”


The cover your mouth brigade at SFO

The SFO flight east was delayed three hours.
A cacophony of coughs filled the terminal International Terminal.
A dry cough here, a hack cough there, here a cough…there a cough
And no one was covering their mouths.
No one.
Two children walked through the waiting area with boxes of Kleenex,
Handing a white tissue to each passenger
And a little town crier, age 8, at most, follows mere steps behind and
Prays “Cover your mouth, please, cover your mouth please.”