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Going to a party? Top 5 Flirting Tips

simple, smart, succinct…sexy.

It doesn’t take a genius to Master the Art of Flirting

Do this! Here are five very effective Flirting Techniques:

#1. Look – The eyes have it: The first tip of successful flirting involves Eye Contact. Let’s say you see somebody you think is attractive. Let your eyes linger- just for a bit.  Smile, look back,  and don’t look away.

#2. Laugh – Everybody likes to think they have a great sense of humor. If you want to score points and attention- laugh at the witty statement be them corny or funny. 

#3. Listen – Everyone wants to be heard. When this new person is speaking, listen to what they have to say while looking them in the eyes. Keen flirtatious listening always involves eye contact.

#4. The touch of love– just like the song. A surefire connection is as simple as a light touch on the wrist, elbow, or arm during the course of the conversation.  Amy G tells every guy she meets, “You are so funny.” and she places her hand on his. Home run every time.

#5. Put your hands on your hips. This classic Body Language 101 tells it all – You are open and interested and available. If you don’t like the person, very often we cross our hands over our chest which is the international language for “You’re not doing it for me. I’m about to leave.” The way you stand- facing the person next to-you  not turned away- speaks volumes. Try it.


Whisper “I love you,” in my ear and I will…


Follow You Anywhere.

If you are on a date, and really like that person across the table from you- here are Three Easy and Effective Flirting Techniques to seal the deal.

  1. Yes, the eyes have it. Look your Person of Interest in the eye. Hold their gaze. Do not look away. Smile. They, in turn, will look you in the eye – often and for more than a split second. And, so it begins


2. Want to be heard and seen? Whisper. Lower your voice and lean in, towards your date. Speaking in a hushed, whispery, voice is alluring and exciting. Try it.


3. All hands on deck? Go for seemingly innocent light touches: on their wrist, shoulder, arm or knee. There is method to this madness. Dating Diva Mona claims she can reads palms. She “holds hands” across the table and can tell a lot about a man this way.


Tell me how that is working for you.