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The Dress Code in Florida – less is best?

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The Florida Dress Code – Va-va- voom!

IF you visit to Florida and turn on the Morning News don’t be shocked by the plethora of female newscasters sporting “the uniform”: tight, sleeveless, low-cut, cocktail dresses.

Morning news in Florida is Party Time: big hair, lip gloss, low-cut cocktail dresses at o’dark-thirty. Really?  Maybe it’s me, there’s something about veracity and news delivery and a woman dressed for cocktails at 6:00 AM.

 Turn on the Today Show, CBS Morning News, any major TV market and see their line up of professional female newscasters all covered up. Think: sleeves. Discreet. Business Attire.

Welcome to South Florida, Binkie.


“Your Wife is Hot” best billboard in South Florida

“Your wife is hot…

 Get your air conditioner fixed today”



Possibly, the most amusing billboard in all of South Florida has to do with the weather and Air Conditioning.

Go Figure.

How hot is it South Florida?

February 15, 2014

85 degrees and perpetual sunshine.

“Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”

Oscar Wilde

Welcome to my world….


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