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Looking for a date and looking for a moving company – similar?


Be Careful!

Find a Moving Company is a lot like Internet Dating…take it easy

In Love and Life: Know whom you’re dealing with. Check them out.

The more you can do to verify whether a mover is legitimate –  the better.

Consumers who end up victims of con artists usually fail to take even the most basic steps to make sure they’re using a real mover.

Google the Guy! Pre Date- due diligence-

PreMove: Get three written in-home estimates. Don’t leap before you look and compare. Google each company. Read Reviews.

~ Know your rights. Obtain and read the three “pre-move” required documents from your carrier.

~ Choose the ‘valuation option’ you are comfortable with.

~ Avoid large ‘down payments.’

~ Be Aware – some movers may ask for a small “good faith” deposit to hold a date (especially during the busy summer season.) ~ Ask questions. Just like dating – ask who, what when, where.

Google the Guy – check Better Business Bureau ratings?


The Better Business Bureau is dead in some states( Florida) and Don’t waste time with a Dead end, fly-by- night company.  If you do not understand something, ask. Confused by the answers? Keep asking until you get accurate information. Elegant Lenox PineTip: Packing can take a very longtime – start well in advance.

Think seriously about down-sizing: donate, toss, purge and avoid a serious case of  “The Duplicates” ( i.e. 2 toasters, two vacuums, 2 can openers, 2 dining room tables, two king size beds 2 BBQ’s…)

~Be reachable by phone – be sure to give the mover your cell phone number, your email address and get the same from him. ~

Take valuables with you- esp. Jewelry.

Note: On a first date, leave the jewelry at home. Moving in? Pack and Carry your jewels…

all i want for christmas

Before you move to your new address- do the necessary research about Water, Power, Keys, Contracts…Keep all Moving Documents/Phone Numbers handy.


Before you go on a first date, make sure you have all your “docs” in a row…