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Love me, Tinder?


Dreams of candlelight, roses, romance and rapture?

Avoid Tinder at all costs.

The Big Daddy of Online Dating, Barry Diller, the King of of IAC,  is the money behind a dozen of your favorite Dating Sites- including Match.com, Chemistry, OKCupid, Our Time, and Senior People Meet.

Diller’s latest game in town called Tinder (www.tinder.com) has an estimated 50 million users. Really.

Note: Most users are bewteen the ages of 18-35.

Confused by all the fuss about the word swipe?  

Of course you are! Webster will tell you Swipe means to steal, pilfer, lift. On the Dating Website, Tinder- it’s all about swiping.

Swipe Right if you like me? Check out  The How To Tinder and, Lordy, Good luck!



Not the Da Vinci Code, please!

Stack of books

English Majors are a lofty lot

…busy with books, book clubs, reading, writing and weighing in on Top Ten Best Books of the Week – the Month – the Year. We are never listless.

On the road again: Suddenly Single

Girls who – shockingly – find themselves “Suddenly Single” after affair de coeurs, romantic interludes, love affairs, Liaisons, flings sign up for online dating. It’s what we do!

The English Major vs Math Major

Every first Saturday of the month, I lead robust Dating 101 Workshop at the Towers from 9:00-12n

The class size is small (6) to allow time for one and all and to encourage rapport and trust.

Each woman fills out a Match.com Profile – in advance. The first hour is spent getting everyone up, edited and running with the proper, succinct profile and three flattering photos.

We then sit back and wait for the deluge of “Perfect Matches” supplied by the dating company.

christmabulb frame__180

In the beginning, online dating is like Christmas: exciting – there are surprises and a few lumps of coal are inevitable.

Fact: English majors can be sticklers for grammar (they spot Nigerian and Russian scams the quickest!) …and Math majors – as a rule- are more methodical.

I encourage everyone to find “their voice.” First impressions are forever. In Dating 101, we strive to be authentic, attractive and available. Our patron saint is Mae West.

Girls want to know what men read...It is a foregone conclusion: if a mans writes the last book he read was The Da Vinci Code – he will be deleted and erased prontito by an English Major. However, if said man waxes poetic about kids, grandkids, passions and interests – other than just sports teams – big points are scored.

There you have it!


If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.
Vincent Van Gogh


Voice Work

Klaus, the psychic to the stars, plays with a full deck


Klaus, the psychic to the stars, had a hunch about dating

After a two year sabbatical from the Wide Wonderful World of Internet Dating, Erin decided to consult with Klaus, the “Psychic to the Stars”, as to whether she should get back in the game. Divorced for three years, had already been the Poor Little Match.com girl once, enjoyed a flurry of dates, met a passel of men and said made a lot of ‘friends’. And, she met Dennis.

Whoa! He had an Altar Ego

Erin dated Dennis for three wonderful months. It took that long for her to fully realize he was in a huge rush to the altar. Any altar – with any one. It was too much, too soon for her. They parted amicably. Next.

playing cards
She booked an appointment and was finally seated across from the famous Klaus; a small, marble-topped, table between them. After shuffling an over-sized deck of faded and worn Tarot cards, he had her deal seven cards. He looked at the cards, briefly. Without missing a beat he said, “Darling, Internet dating, really? You will be fishing in the same pond.”

She looked at him quizzically and as he scooped up the cards with a flourish, he said, “It will be all the same men, darling.” No, no, say it isn’t so.

Erin is an optimist in all things romantic. She defied the prediction and defiantly climbed aboard the 2015 Dating Train. It had been awhile; she wasn’t sure of the pace or the new bells and whistles on the site.

Stepping on a treadmill that is ‘On’ at full speed?

Like a blast from the past, she had a surreal feeling of deja vu. After paying the toll to enter the coy pond of dating life, she quickly realized old Klaus made a point.

After a two years hiatus – a veritable parade of very familiar faces danced before her on the computer screen. So many of the same old pictures of the men she remembered were still posted. And, magically, none of them had aged! They were all still 50…and she was two years older.
As she scanned the photos and realized a ton of these men hadn’t even updated their pictures. She remembered the winkin, blinkin and nods involved in the on line-dating dance.

She could do this. Game on. And so it begins…No more Old Maid


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