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Toto! We are not in Kansas anymore…




Hello! Hollywood!

Not a lot of Bookstores in South Florry…

The Conciege at the glamorous hotel laughed when I aked him where a bookstore was located downtown.

After the big laugh, he reminded me South Florry was famous for reading

50 Shades of Gray.

That “tome”  was the “most read” book in Florida.


Larry the Librarian

A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life.

Henry Ward Beecher

Oh! Myammy: Top 10 Best Columns South Florida


Oh, Myammy Top 10 Best Columns

The readers have voted.

Listed here are the Top 10 Best Columns for New in Myammy

What happens when a California girl – lands in South Florida and tries to navigate the intracoastal and interesting new aspects of daily life?
You’ve got the obvious weather challenges, the bizarre traffic, the pythons and the Panthers, snowbirds, snowflakes – who knew? 
Everyone says, keep a sense of humor-  and you’ll go places. 
Oh! The places you will go.

1. When people say Florida is hot, they’re not kidding – Shall I compare thee to a hot summer’s day– a hot sonnet for a summer’s day.

2. The Top 10 Phrases you will never hear in South Florida; skiing, snow, Safe Drivers Awards, Wonderful cabbies…

3. Psst! Hey you, wanna know: The Top Five Secrets No One EverTalks About in South Florida? Check This Out

 4. The Age Game: Is Sex on the Beach Different at 50?  Are we talking:  Beach Blanket Bingo? Fugetaboutit

5. The Miami Vice? “Nip and Tuck, Snip and Cut – I’m ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille –Overheard at the Miami doctor’s office

6. Lizards and geckos and snakes, oh, no!  Welcome to Reptile World – they are everywhere. And, Hey! I didn’t get the memo about the alligators, pythons, and other slimy creatures in South Florida

7. I’ve Got a Crush on You : Billy Collins “My Love Affair” – or, “It happened on an airplane.”

8. California Dreamin’ Really, just how different is California? You want that alphabetical or chronological? Think: Southern Living without the Southern… California living? Check Here

9. Strangers in a Strange Land  You bet!

10. The Best of Myammy List 2014 – Miami is a blazing mosaic of color, tropical energies, action, arts, sunsets and breathtakingly beautiful beaches… and one has to be careful not to fly too close to the sun.