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Miami Vice: Plastic Surgery rampant in So Florida?


Bizarro World– an alternate universe where things are in Reverse…

for centuries women have slimmed, girdled, and exercised to erase ample derrières

(Satan get behind me!)

 In the year 2019: Miami women ask:

“Do these pants make my butt look bigger? They do? Oh, good!”

Talking Floridian:

Women, in the know, call a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)


‘Rear End’

as in, “Last week, I saw Dr. Butz and I got Rear-ended.”



images-29AFTER a great deal of work


Top 10 great things about Miami

A tropical resort at sunrise.IMG_0345

Today’s Top 10 Best of Miami

1.  The fabulous Perez Museum (www.pamm.org)

2.  Viscaya Gardens and Museum (www.vizcaya.org)
3.  Water Taxis – Not a yacht? Take a Water Taxi
4.  Art Basel – need I say more?
5.  Hollywood Beach Broadwalk: The Best Beach in So Florida
6.  Don’t Panic: Josh’s Organic Once a Week Perfect Produce Stand
7.  Wintertime in Miami- Bring it
8.  Valet Parking at the grocery store. Really.
9.  The NOVA Campus Alvin Sherman Library – free to the public
10. Biking, boating, sailing, skating, scuba, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, golfing, playing tennis outdoors in January…February…




Overheard at the Miami doctor’s office…


Two women sitting across from one another,

at a famed Miami Plastic Surgery suite of offices. Both were thumbing through glossy magazines and chatting while glancing up at the long list of “Miami’s Dr. Marvelous’ Menu of Augmentations and Services” dancing on the huge, sleek, black, wide screen TV across from them.

Le Menu:

Breast Augmentation – Breast Lift | Breast Reconstruction – Breast Reduction – Brazilian Butt Lift-  Liposuction | Male Breast Reduction – Nipple Procedures – Tummy Tuck – Mommy Makeover  – Ear Surgery –  Eyelid Surgery – Facelift – Facial Implants | Forehead/Brow Lift | Fat Grafting | Necklift | Nose Surgery | Hand Rejuvenation | Injectable Facial Fillers | Laser Skin Resurfacing ….

Woman #1 Says: There are two things you never ask for in this office.

Woman #2 Says: Really? Tell me – this is my first time.

Woman #1 (without missing a beat) Says: “Never ask for a ‘Kim Novak’ or a ‘Liza Minnelli’…



Women helping Women

one day at a time…