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Advice: Get Out Now…


Robert Reich Writes:

A word on Afghanistan.
We have been there for almost 16 years.
There is no end in sight.
We have no strategy.
Our efforts there continue to be a collosal waste of human life.
Corruption is endemic.
Much of the money we’re sending there is ending up in the hands of warlords maneuvering against each other.
George W. Bush failed.
Barack Obama failed.
Before them, the Russians failed.
Everyone who has tried to bring order out of Afhanistan’s tribal chaos has failed.

We should get out. Now.

What do you think?”


See This: http://www.newsweek.com/robert-reich-end-sight-trumps-power-ebbing-away-fast-652616


I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war

that the bright daybreak of peace

and brotherhood can never become a reality…

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love

will have the final word.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Speak Up, Sweetheart – silence is not golden


Psst! I’ve had a crush on Robert Reich for decades…


He wrote this:

Robert Reich
September 18 at 5:12pm ·

“Can we have a word? I continue to hear from many of you who say you won’t vote for Hillary Clinton because, you claim, (1) she’s no better than Donald Trump, or (2) even if she’s better, she’s still corrupt, and you refuse to vote for the “lesser of two evils,” or (3) you don’t want to reward the Democratic Party for corrupt primaries that gave the nomination to Hillary instead of Bernie Sanders.

Please allow me to respond.

(1) Anyone who equates Donald Trump with Hillary Clinton hasn’t been paying attention. Trump is a dangerous, bigoted, narcissistic megalomaniac with fascist tendencies who could wreak huge damage on America and the world. Hillary isn’t perfect but she’s able and experienced. There is simply no comparison.
(2) Even if you see Hillary Clinton as the “lesser of two evils,” the greater of two evils in this case (if you see the choice in these terms) is seriously evil. You’ve probably had occasion in the past to vote for someone who doesn’t meet your ideals, when the alternative is someone who falls much further from those ideals. This doesn’t mean you’ve sold out or compromised your principles. You’ve just been realistic and practical. Realism and practicality are critically important now.
(3) I understand your frustration with the Democratic Party, and your reluctance to “reward” it for its bias against Bernie in the primaries. But anything you do that increases the odds of a Trump presidency isn’t just penalizing the Democratic Party; it’s jeopardizing our future and that of our children and their children. All of us must continue to work hard for a political system responsive to the needs of ordinary Americans. The movement Bernie energized must not and will not end.
But Donald Trump, were he to become president, would set back the cause for decades.
There are just over 7 weeks until Election Day.
My request to those of you who still don’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton: Please reconsider. It is no exaggeration to say the fate of the nation and the world are at stake.
What do you think?”



Message in a bottle – November 2014: This is 40


Note to self: A peek into Time Travel 101

(November 2014: This is 40)

Dear Self,

50 is going to be grand

(Background: cacophony of champagne corks popping: a dazzling confetti drop: the sound of a chorus of angels singing Hallelujah from above)

Hang in there, the next 10 years will be the most exciting, exhilarating, rewarding, decade of your life.

The trip to Lourdes will work! You going to be able to throw that wheelchair away – ballroom dancing is in your future.

The twins – will get accepted to Columbia – full scholarships- and will graduate on time – with honors and both get jobs: one will work with Robert Reich in Berkeley and the other with Nicholas Kristof.

Your favorite eccentric aunt in Texas left you “a few cool mill.”

Don’t sweat the small stuff. There is no small stuff.

Let the good times roll.

Oh yeah, that book deal?  Knopf called – They want you to write three more  books… they love your voice –  and did the whole Nora Ephron,  Molly Ivins  comparison!

Yes! You will be on the New York Times bestseller list yet, again!


“Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.” – Mark Twain
Good Tidings