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Looking for a date and looking for a moving company – similar?


Be Careful!

Find a Moving Company is a lot like Internet Dating…take it easy

In Love and Life: Know whom you’re dealing with. Check them out.

The more you can do to verify whether a mover is legitimate –  the better.

Consumers who end up victims of con artists usually fail to take even the most basic steps to make sure they’re using a real mover.

Google the Guy! Pre Date- due diligence-

PreMove: Get three written in-home estimates. Don’t leap before you look and compare. Google each company. Read Reviews.

~ Know your rights. Obtain and read the three “pre-move” required documents from your carrier.

~ Choose the ‘valuation option’ you are comfortable with.

~ Avoid large ‘down payments.’

~ Be Aware – some movers may ask for a small “good faith” deposit to hold a date (especially during the busy summer season.) ~ Ask questions. Just like dating – ask who, what when, where.

Google the Guy – check Better Business Bureau ratings?


The Better Business Bureau is dead in some states( Florida) and Don’t waste time with a Dead end, fly-by- night company.  If you do not understand something, ask. Confused by the answers? Keep asking until you get accurate information. Elegant Lenox PineTip: Packing can take a very longtime – start well in advance.

Think seriously about down-sizing: donate, toss, purge and avoid a serious case of  “The Duplicates” ( i.e. 2 toasters, two vacuums, 2 can openers, 2 dining room tables, two king size beds 2 BBQ’s…)

~Be reachable by phone – be sure to give the mover your cell phone number, your email address and get the same from him. ~

Take valuables with you- esp. Jewelry.

Note: On a first date, leave the jewelry at home. Moving in? Pack and Carry your jewels…

all i want for christmas

Before you move to your new address- do the necessary research about Water, Power, Keys, Contracts…Keep all Moving Documents/Phone Numbers handy.


Before you go on a first date, make sure you have all your “docs” in a row…



Florida Moving? Beware the sharks…circling


Beware! Some South Florida Moving companies…are unethical.

Who knew?

Just the facts:

Mr and Mrs. J. report they interviewed three local So Floria Moving Companies:

#1.Company was way too flaky and 1) got their names wrong and 2) assumed they were moving an erroneous city a 1000 miles from their true destination, Tustin CA  vs Tucson, AZ. 3.) The Quote was 50% higher than other bids and riddled with errors. Very scary. Next!

#2. Company – The Estimator came-looked, left a bid and left….He promised to pick up in three days…and he was gone. Bam!  Waitaminute! Not only unprofessional – bizarre.

However, there was no Agreement.

The man failed to provide: documents – legally- had to signed, scanned, and returned…all dates, times, prices needed to be confirmed, a contract was needed and…truth be told, that pesky driver needed to be located. They never heard from the guy again.

#3. Mayflower came, inventoried, explained, provided estimate, required a signature, emailed the contract, inventory, weight, projected move and delivery date, explained insurance, stood behind his company – promised ethics and honesty. He followed up with a total of five phone calls to confirm he would pack, mirrors, glass table tops, beds.
His move manager called and sent confirmation of transaction – confirmed driver Eta.
Driver called night before to confirm arrival next day.
The Driver and team showed up – on time- packed up and ten days later delivered the possessions.


Florida Code of Ethics? Turns out…some Florida Moving Companies are actually known to show up at your residence without a contract!  Incredible, right?

Mr and Mrs J said they were aghast whena truck from  Company#2 appeared on moving day – –  and announced they were “moving the couple.”  There was no communication with the company after the estimate. There were No Documents, no agreement, and no follow up..however, they showed out of the blue.

The aggressive driver in a shuck and jive kind of way…”We are here to move you!”

Oh, no you are not…like sharks – circling the neighborhoods…the unethical company driving around the neighborhood…was ready to prey and pounce.


Sharks in the water

Movers in Florida sink to new depths to get business

beware the nefarious moving companies…bait and switch would be

refreshing – by contrast.

Exit Sign